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I have bred and trained pointing dogs for over 45 years. I won my first championship at age 13. I have “seen it all” over the years, and have concluded that the best dog is the best thinking dog. A lot of dogs have talent, looks, breeding and style, but not many with all of those traits have brains. Time has shown that the truly great dogs have always been smart. Smart ones allow you to develop all of the other things. They don’t fight you, so it is easier and quicker to develop all of the good things. Duke has shown me from the age of 11 months on that he truly does have it all. He has a great owner that has not rushed him, but allowed him to develop into a true brag dog. You simply could not go wrong with a pup by Duke.

Dan Mar, Rose Hill KS

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Duke is everything I wanted in a dog – his pup will be that for you.

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